Art experiences are open for registration through various venues.  Registration will be through The Art Experience for elementary schools, pre-schools, businesses, and local community events.  For classes taught through Collin College, Visual Arts League, The Allen Arts Alliance, or Plano Parks and Rec, the link below will take you to their registration sites.   Thank you for your interest in an Art Experience.

Summer Art Camps and Classes are listed in order of start date.

Basic media materials and techniques used for painting will be introduced. This course is designed to provide instruction for the beginning student.
~Learn basic design and composition
~Gain a sense of color theory
~Understand the difference and use of oils and acrylics
~Create a painting using the techniques learned  in class
Choose one media only: oil, acrylics or water-based oils.
Call Collin College Continuing Education at 972.985.3711 to register for class CRN# 75462.
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This course, designed for those who want to learn the basics of watercolor, will focus on getting comfortable with watercolor painting techniques and enjoying the process of a fluid and serendipitous style of painting.  The basics of materials, tools, techniques, color, and value will be explored.

The class is designed to be an exploratory experience of the wonderful world of watercolor.

Students learn to work with acrylic paints and the Art Resin medium to create abstract  works of art.  Students will experiment with different color combinations, glitter, paint additives, alcohol spritzing, and marbling effects, resulting in  beautiful abstract paintings that dry hard to the touch and are suitable for hanging.
Call Collin College Continuing Education at 972.985.3711 to register.

Students will learn coil, pinch, and slab methods of hand building as they create their own original  pottery pieces.  Scope of projects will be according to age and experience and will vary in range from decorative to utilitarian.  All pottery is glazed and kiln fired.
   ~You will register on the Plano Parks and Leisure site.  Search for Ceramics Pottery Handbuilding under Youth Arts programs.

In this varied camp,  held Monday through Thursday, students will explore a variety of mediums from acrylic and watercolor painting to drawing with pencil, pastel, and ink.  We will explore mediums and experiment with all the things they can so.  After learning and playing with a medium, we will create a final project with each one.
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In this creative camp,  held Monday through Thursday, students will alter bottles, canvases, and other surfaces to create interesting works of art with depth, texture, and color.  We’ll spend time researching and designing pieces and with guidance from the instructing artist, then alter surfaces with a variety of techniques including gluing/attaching embellishment pieces, adding a gesso/plaster/compound to texture the three dimensional surface, and then paint and seal our creations!
Register for Altered Art camp here.

Progressing from basic painting, this course helps develop proficiency in techniques and concepts. Classes will be made up of directed studies as arranged by instructor with limited open periods for students to pursue individual interests.

Call Collin College Continuing Education at 972.985.3711 to register for class CRN# 75463.
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In this painting camp,  held Monday through Thursday, students will learn new acrylic painting techniques while following along, step-by-step, to create a finished painting masterpiece each day.  Students will learn color blending, perspective, shading, and fun textural and color mixing techniques.
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In this versatile camp,  held Monday through Thursday, students will explore a variety of mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, pastel, marker, ink, pencil, charcoal, collage, and print making in their quest to create portraits with emotion and meaning. We will practice the anatomy of a portrait: eyes, nose, mouth, and face shape.  We will experiment with surfaces such as torn paper and color washes, printed and stamped designs, and create various multi-media backgrounds for our portraits.  Students will create both portrait studies and multiple final pieces.

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Summer workshops
from ages 8-16
Registration is open!!


We are hoping to be back for the 2021-2022 school year! See you then!


Watercolor workshops


Art Resin, Oil/Acrylic Painting classes for ages 16+


We are hoping to be back for the 2021-2022 school year! See you then!


Clay classes for ages 9-14


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