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After school art education, workshops, lessons, and art parties.

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Art Experiences to learn, inspire, enhance and expand your world
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Programs range from one time workshops to year long courses.

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Art parties created for your own personal art experience.

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Pre-school programs and art experiences


Art for sale, custom work, projects experiences

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Beverly Elementary

Classes offered on Fridays

Hedgcoxe Elementary

Classes begin the week of August 27th at Hedgcoxe Elementary.

Kudos and Encouraging Words

Your love for art and process was contagious in the classroom. Your class helped me find purpose. Thank you. Never stop teaching.

-Paige, age 29

Former MIddle School student

Also, at the Girl Scout meeting on Monday, I was going over the calendar with the girls and when I said we were doing the art workshop with you all the girls starting cheering. Then I listened to A. ramble for 10 minutes about a frog picture she is doing with you. I let her ramble because it’s so rare that she speaks publicly, I was just staring at her so happy she was talking so animatedly. You are doing great things with those kids!!


Troop leader of art student

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with a million kids but especially mine.  I can never thank you enough!  Thank you for helping to create a passion in my child that lights her up like a Christmas tree.


Mom of 5th grader

Lori Ruml you are amazing!! How did you accomplish this in one hour?!! She had the best time! When I walked in the door she rushed to me with this in her hands…. SOOOO PROUD TO SHOW IT OFF!


Mom of 5th grader

C. loves, loves her art class! I love, love getting all the awesome art ! I love framing my kiddo’s art and displaying it on the wall. Thank you for making it so much fun, she looks forward to every Thursday, which is now her favorite day of the week!


Mom of a 4th grader
Meet Lori


Lori Ruml

Owner, artist, teacher


Giving Back
Making a difference through Art
Contact Information

You may reach me via email at Artist @ or may text or leave a message at 469.231.5932

I work in the Plano, Tx. area.

Beverly Elementary

Classes offered on Fridays

Hedgcoxe Elementary

Classes begin the week of August 27th at Hedgcoxe Elementary.

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